Chailey and Newick Colts Football Club

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Our Code of Conduct is a crucial part of Chailey and Newick Colts FC!


Chailey and Newick Colts FC was set-up to provide an opportunity for young people to play football in a fun, safe and friendly environment, and as such all parents, supporters, managers, coaches and players are asked to observe the following points whenever they are  representing the Club but especially before, during or after games and training sessions.

 Parents and Supporters

         Young players are not playing to satisfy your ambitions.

·          Young players are involved for their enjoyment ? not yours

·          You have a responsibility to encourage players to play by the rules

·          Teamwork and effort are as important as winning. You should accept losing without undue disappointment

·          Do not allow your winning side to gloat over their victory

·          Never ridicule or shout abuse at a young person for making a mistake or for losing. Praise them or keep quiet

·          Set an example ? applaud good play by both teams

·          Never publicly question the referees decisions. Never doubt his or her honesty

·          Help to remove all physical, verbal and racial abuse in football

·          Recognise the value and importance of the Manager and Coaches, who give up their time to help young players

·        Avoid shouting instructions during a game ? that is the job of the manager/coach.

 Managers and Coaches

 ·          Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every player and treat each equally.

·          Place the well being and safety of each player above all other considerations.

·          Develop an appropriate working relationship with each player based on mutual trust and respect.

·          Do not exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit.

·          Encourage and guide players to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance.

·          Promote Fair Play at all times.


 ·          Know and abide by the laws, rules and spirit of the game.

·          Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, equally.

. Treat opponents with respect at all times; before, during and after a game and on all forms of social media

·          Accept the decisions of match officials without protest.

·          Make every effort to develop individual sporting abilities ? technique, skill, tactics and stamina.

·          Give maximum effort and strive for the best possible performance for yourself and the team.

·          Abide by the instructions of the Manager/Coach.


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